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Prime Performance is committed to helping you recover, prevent injuries, and improve your performance. We have decades of experience delivering coaching, treatment and consulting services to help you achieve your goals. Our team believes every patient, client, or project is a unique opportunity to listen carefully, understand challenges, and solve difficult problems. Our mission is to help you participate at your highest possible level at work, on stage, in sports and in life.

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Five Reasons to do Metabolic Testing

By Matthew Marino, PT, MSPT, CPE, CSCS, TSAC-F

There are benefits to doing metabolic testing for those pursuing a healthy weight loss programs, for early identification or confirmation of a potential metabolic disorder, and for athletes trying to stay on the tip of the spear when it comes to managing nutrition and training for optimal performance..

Prime Performance Team

Matthew Marino, Prime Performance

Matthew Marino, MSPT, CPE, CSCS

Amy Benton is the co-owner of Prime Performance LLC.

Amy Benton, DPT, CMPT, CSCS


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing four weeks! I wrote down exercises after every class and have really adopted your warmup and conditioning exercises into my weekly routine. I feel so much stronger (and smarter!) after your classes. Thank you for creating such a great opportunity for dancers to learn about their bodies and improve our dancing.”

Flora Wells


I have been an active snowboarder, golfer, basketball player, gymnast and most of all, a dancer. The constant recurrence of minor injuries coupled with laparoscopy, shoulder and foot surgery left me unable to participate in the activities that fuel my heart, income and career. It’s overwhelming the number of doctors and physical therapists I’ve seen in the last 20 years, with no consistent relief, or long-term change. While seeking advice from another Orthopedic doctor, I was finally pointed in the direction of Amy Benton. My life has changed.

I came into Amy’s care after a back injury and my fourth surgery (hip). Eight months into therapy, and I feel confident that I’m going to be stronger than I have ever been. Amy’s attentiveness, programming and incredible expertise supersedes any provider. She has helped me to both mentally and physically adapt to every curveball thrown by the ever-changing needs of my body. I am beginning to live a fuller life, free of pain. I have a therapist that not only identifies with my needs as a dancer, but LISTENS, and provides treatment for me as a multi-sport athlete, as a busy parent, and as a human dealing with chronic pain. Thank you Amy.

Julana Torres

Founder/Former Director Franklin Dance Program